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It's important to us that you love your cup — so enjoy a 120-day risk-free trial, on us. We know that it can take you a couple of cycles to get the hang of things, but trust us, it will be worth it.

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About exchanges:

We take quality control seriously. But if a defective product has managed to sneak by us, please email us within 14 days of receiving your item and we'll replace it for you!

It is amazing! No leaks, no itchiness, and comfortable, as if I'm not wearing anything!

Corn Pad

A huge fan of Blood Pad, only God knows how much it changed my life!

Very comfortable to wear, no irritation, almost feel nothing at all wearing it.

Corn Pad

Very comfortable with high absorption. Very slim pad and I love that it is eco friendly. 💯


Been using this for almost 2 years. Very effective for relieving menstrual cramp indeed

Very good to relieve for very bad period pain


The heat very long lasting & very comfortable after applied it.

Menstrual Cup

I have more freedom moving around with this menstrual cup and it doesn't leak at all.

Excited to start using my new menstrual cup!

Holds up very well, i even went for diving with it on my first day of period.

Menstrual Cup

Value for money and good quality. Silicone feels soft but firm and good quality.

No more boundaries in movement. No need to buy pad every month. No more skin rash from wearing pad. 💃